Maintenance, Parts and Service


Our technical support department provides a range of solutions to add altruistic value to our customer’s environments. We offer the following services:

• Troubleshooting – analyses and solutions by experts

• Remote Diagnostics – tele-service support that can
significantly reduce downtime, cutting service costs and
improving the efficiency of machines and systems

• Software upgrades – when applicable, to improve the
performance of our products
• Serial number tracking of machines with service history

• Computer back-ups to reduce downtime after disastrous incidents

• Repairs and overhauls of components

• Scheduled preventative maintenance programs


The spares department of our technical support division manages the after sales supply of spare parts for all the brands within Ausmach.

Efficient service ensures:

• Rapid delivery of guaranteed spares

• Prompt assistance in problem solving

• Continuous and competent information service for spare
parts and assistance with the documentation (ie manuals)
accompanying the machine

Customer benefits include:

• Recommended spares kits

• Spare parts customised to meet the needs of the
individual machine model

With Ausmach extensive inventory of parts means that with few exceptions, we’ll have the exact part you need in stock every time. So if we don’t have what you need, we’ll have it to you quickly.

Legendary customer service is at the very core of our culture. We understand the demands of high-quality production and we’re committed to service to keep production running smoothly.


Preventative maintenance programs performed by trained Field Service Representatives:

• Checklists based on manufacturers specifications

• Downtime kept to a minimum due to possible early

• Discounts offered on spare parts ordered as a result of a
preventative maintenance inspection

• Targeted training and tutoring of machine operators

• Offering complete “PEACE OF MIND“

In House Service:

• Pre-commissioning of machines to eliminate delivery

• Repairs & reconditioning of parts and overhauling
complete machines

• Manufacturing of parts & components which may be

• Glue pot exchange or repair program

• Modifications to customers specifications or on request

• In-house training & updating of customers personnel
including our own staff

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