CNC Machinery

We provide state of the art manufacturing machinery for the woodwork and metal industries, sourced from around the world.

Our machines are computer-controlled and flexible, letting you decide which functions you need to meet the requirements of your business.

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Our edgebanders have been selected with speed, versatility, and reliability in mind.

Whether you handle big production runs or need a compact solution, we have a machine to suit your needs.

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Panel Saws

Designed to guarantee consistently smooth and durable results, the WOODPLUS range of Panel Saws supports your processes for efficient and impeccable production.

With a variety of upgrades and accessories available, we can customise a product that suits you.

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ACM Machinery

Our ACM Machinery offers a range of CNC machining centres and milling bending machines that are conceived to obtain optimum performances and productivity processing.

The range consists of 6 Alu Rangers, an Alu Loader and an Alu Bender.

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Dust Extraction

We have carefully selected a range of dust extraction and collection machines designed to suit both and big small manufacturers across the woodworking and metal industries.

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Our Sanders have been selected to provide you with professional, efficient and reliable solutions for all your sanding and polishing requirements.

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