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Our Purpose

Ausmach was founded on the notion that Australia and New Zealand markets not only deserve a variety of options of the highest quality, state of the art and unparalleled machinery but should have access to a complete service that ensures outstanding ongoing technical, mechanical and customer support. As a result, we deliver the widest variety of the best machinery, provide continuous customer service and offer expert software, mechanical and training support.

Our Mission

Ausmach exists to lead Australia and New Zealand’s wood working, metal and construction industries with the provision of products and services that support our clients through all stages of their business. From providing your first CNC for your start-up to upgrading your well-established factory, we offer continuous support at every step of production. Our ongoing services ensure that your operations are always optimising your output and you have the comfort of knowing that we are always on hand to help.

Our Vision

Ausmach embraces the change, innovation and evolution the future offers. Our experts are entrenched in every aspect of the industry and are committed to providing you with the best options to maximise your success. Our research has taken us all over the globe, from Italy to Germany to Austria to the Middle East and to China, ensuring that we have the knowledge to lead the Australian and New Zealand markets in the right direction.

Ausmach is dedicated to your growth by implementing the best tools, innovative practices, newest technology and outstanding customer service to provide you with the complete service you need to be an industry leader.

What Does A Complete Service Include?

  • The most diverse range of machinery
  • Competitive prices
  • Technical support for updates, diagnostics, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Extensive itinerary of spare parts with rapid delivery
  • Expert service from trained field service representatives
  • Remote diagnostics to significantly reduce downtime
  • Software partners that offer state of the art software execution
  • Unrivalled software support working in hand with our software partners
  • Our Finance Partner, Manufin, allows you to choose machinery based on capability rather than cost.

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