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Automatic edgebander with chain feeding system, pre-milling and polyurethane gluing system. Edge banding for aluminium honeycomb panels with polyurethane glue for interior and exterior furniture, partition walls and ceilings for transport industry Interior Design.

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E550 Machine


The Alu Edger allows to edge efficiently aluminium honeycomb panels with a polyurethane gluing system (Patent registered).

Alucore®, Larcore®, Plascore® are some of the major honeycomb panel manufacturers. The Alu Edger effects a perfect and strong bonding on these light weight panels for the transport industry, thanks to the Patent technology of the glue distribution and to the over twenty years edgebanding experience of Casadei Industria.

Technical Specifications

Description ALU EDGER
Min/max. panel height min 8 – max 60 mm
min 5/16” – max 2” 23/64
Min./max. edge thickness 1 – 2 mm – 3/64 – 5/64 (coils)
0.5 – 1 mm – 1/64 – 3/64 (strips)
Panel width min. 95 mm – min 3” 47/64
Panel feed speed 11 m/min – m/-1’ – 36 ft/min
Pre-milling motors (each) 200 Hz – 12,000 (RPM-U/min) – 0.75 kW
End trimming motor 200 Hz – 12,000 (RPM-U/min) – 0.27 kW
Flush trimming motors (each) 200 Hz – 12,000 (RPM-U/min)
0.50 kW (0.73 kW Opt.)
Cutterblocks with combined WIDIA disposable knives (radius/bevelled) ᴓ75 mm Z4 – (hole-Bohrung)
d= ᴓ16 mm (r=2-3 mm)
Total power installed 5 kW

Advantages & Benefits

  • Strong edge bonding
  • Perfect protection from oxidising agents
  • Better finishing of the panels
  • Better protection during assembly and transport
  • Hundreds of colours and finishings available
  • Maximum finishing quality
  • High performance
  • Easy to use