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Milling – Bending machine to improve the edge on architectural panels.

The composites in aluminium (ACM -Alucobond®, Reynobond®, Larson®, Alpolic® etc) have the core and the two aluminium skins always exposed, the Alu Bender can make a complete workmanship to protect and cover the edges.

These panels can benefit from the workmanship of milling and bending for a major protection against daily use and moreover have a pleasant sight.

The aluminium honeycomb panels (Larcore®, Alucore®, Plascore® etc) always have the inside aluminium skins exposed, the Alu Bender can make a complete workmanship to protect and cover the edges.

The panels in plastic laminates (HPL, Trespa®, Resopal®, Polyrey® etc) difficult to cut with a good constant quality cut, can be milled to finish off the cut and eliminate chippings.

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E550 Machine


The Milling and Bending Machine "ALU BENDER" for the Architecture field has been conceived to cover the core of aluminium composite panels.

  • It mills one of the two skins and the core till it reaches the main skin to be bent.
  • Then during automatic feeding, 10 bending rollers bend the main skin against the core by closing and hiding it also from atmospheric agents.

Technical Specifications

Description ALU BENDER
Panel height min 3 - max 30 mm
Panel height min 1/8'' - max 1'' + 13/32
Panel height (Alu Honeycomb) min 10 - max 20 mm
Panel height (Alu Honeycomb) min 13/32'' - max 1/32
Panel width min. 110 mm - min. 4' + 5/16'
Panel length min. 120 mm - min. 4' + 23/32'
Panel feeder variable speed from 2 mt/1' to 8 mt/1'
Panel feeder variable speed from 6 ft/min to 26 ft/min
Trimming motor STD 200 Hz - 12.000 RPM - 0,50 KW
Trimming motor OPT 200 Hz - 12.000 RPM - 0,73 KW
Carbide knives cutterhead Ø 80 mm Z10 - foro Ø 16 mm
Carbide knives cutterhead Ø 3' + 1/8' Z10 - hole Ø 5/8'
Total power load ca. min. 1,5 KW - 2,5 KW

Advantages & Benefits

About the process:
  • Covering the core
  • Protecting from heavy weather condition
About the machine:
  • A lot faster than manual ways
  • Milling and bending continuosly in the same time
  • 1,5 mt - 5 ft in 25 seconds
  • It can process alu honeycomb boards
  • It can profile sharp edge of HPL boards
  • Milling HPL for boards overlapping